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Finding an insurer for your drone and accessories can be difficult, especially if you are less familiar with aviation insurance. In this blog we introduce our insurance partner.

Why drone insurance?

Arranging a third-party drone insurance for your UAS is legally required from 20 kilos. To comply with the rules, companies and private individuals are looking for a flexible solution that is as cheap as possible.

The advantage of Flight Deck

Flight Deck works together with all aviation insurers and can provide you with personal or business advice.

A third-party drone insurance is already possible for many customers:

  • From 211.75 euros per year (including insurance tax)
  • All drones can be co-insured on the policy
  • The cover offers scope for not only business, but also for private flights of the insured party
  • In addition, all equipment (including ground equipment and cameras) can be insured all risk. This can be done per day or week and rental equipment can also be insured. Very handy for a temporary assignment.


We have a coupon code for you. If you like a 15 euros discount at Flight Deck's and you ordered our training, contact us for this offer.

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