Theory and practice for larger flight crews and complex operations in the context of MCC and CRM.

Are you a drone pilot part of a larger flight crew? Then a special training in CRM and MCC is relevant.

Crew Resource Management focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership and decision making in UAS operations. Multi Crew Co-operation focuses on multi-crew flight operations.

In the theoretical part of this CRM/MCC training course, you will learn all the required non-technical skills to work together with others within a crew. The training has been compiled by subject matter experts from AirHub and SimFlying Amsterdam. You follow it online, conclude with an online exam and certificate of completion.

For the practical part of this training you are going to visit SimFlying in Aalsmeer (near Amsterdam), the Netherlands. Here you follow a simulation of two hours. Learning to cooperate in (un)expected situations is practiced in a lifelike cockpit. The training is for a minimum of two people (3 hours training). If the group size is more than four persons, please contact us.

Order this training now and receive:

  • Access to Online Learning
  • Knowledge about CRM and MCC
  • Certificate of completion
  • Practical training in English
  • Simulation in a real cockpit
  • Excellent customer service

CRM-MCC aviation training

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  • Best digital learning environment

    You will learn in an excellent online learning environment that helps and supports you.

  • 95% Success rate

    Many participants have preceded you in Drone Class in the past two years. Successfully!

  • Free reference book

    You will receive a free reference book with the drone rules to keep.

CRM-MCC aviation training

Target audience

Operators and drone pilots operating multirotors in locally controlled airspace (CTR), ports or other no-fly zones.


The theory part takes a maximum of 1.5 hours online. The practical part on location at SimFlying takes about 3 hours in total.


The theory part of the training costs 99 euros including VAT. If you also order the practical part, the costs are 599 euro including VAT. The costs are per person.


There is an online exam in the theoretical part of the training. You will make 20 questions on the knowledge offered in the modules.

Admission requirements

You have passed the EU Drone Licence (A1-A3 and A2) and the online theory training in the specific category.


You will receive a certificate of completion for following the CRM/MCC training.

What do you learn in the course?

  • Knowledge about the organisation
    Functions and related responsibilities.
  • NOTECHS framework
    Introduction to non-technical skills.
  • Leaderschip (CRM)
    The basics of managing a flight crew.
  • Practical skills (MCC)
    Understanding of communication and co-operation.
  • Dealing with contigencies
    During the simulation in the practical part.

Suitable drones for the specific category

  • DJI M30T
  • DJI Matrice 300
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

What will you receive from us?

30 days of access

You have a total of 30 days of access to Online Learning.


The online theory and exam are available at any moment.


Ask questions to our drone experts online.


For large groups, SimFlying will agree with you on an optimal set-up.


Theory and practical training. Team learning!

Specific category training

Did you completed the online theory training for the specific category?

Qualify as an advanced, professional drone pilot with theory and practice. The theory part you follow is online and meant to better understand operating in the specific category. The practical part VLOS is our basis to start in practice. Here, flight preparation is taught and your flying skills are trained through flying lessons.

Order your training and take advantage of:

  • Unlimited free resits
  • Free format for the flight plan
  • €15,- discount on third-party insurance
  • Competitively priced flying lessons
  • Excellent customer service
Specific category training

Frequently asked questions

  • What does CRM/MCC mean?

    These are two terms from manned aviation. CRM stands for Crew Resource Management and MCC means Multi Crew Cooperation. CRM focuses on communication, leadership and decision-making, among other things. MCC focuses extra on a larger flight crew in which cooperation takes place on the basis of multiple roles.

  • Why do I need to have completed the onlt theory training for the specific category first?

    CRM/MCC training only makes sense after you have completed the basic training in the specific category. At that moment you can start working as a pilot and you already have a reasonable basis to handle more complex operations in a larger flight crew.

  • How does the theoretical part work?

    After ordering, you will receive an account to start learning the modules CRM and MCC training aviation in our digital learning environment Online Learning. The online exam will also be ready for you.

  • How does the practical training work?

    In consultation with SimFlying the simulation will be planned. This takes place on location in Aalsmeer (near Amsterdam), where the cockpit simulator is located. After an instruction the simulation will start and you will be guided by a trainer of SimFlying.