Drone rules in 2022

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If you have bought a drone or intend to buy one, it is wise to first inform yourself about the drone regulations in 2022. For a number of years now, the same drone rules have applied throughout the EU, and there is no longer any difference between recreational and professional flying. It is important to know the current drone regulations in order to avoid high fines. We are happy to inform you about the most important drone rules in 2022.

The most important drone rules in 2022

What are the most important rules to remember?

  • You must obtain an EU Drone Certificate before flying a drone weighing 250 grams or more
  • You must register as a drone pilot and attach an operator number to your drone.
  • The drone must fly at a maximum height of 120 meters 
  • The drone must be flown within the direct view of the pilots
  • The drone may only be flown during the day in the Netherlands
  • You are not allowed to fly in a (temporary) no-fly zone
  • You are not allowed to fly above uninvolved persons

*This applies to all drones with a camera. If there is no camera on your drone, you need an operator number from 250 grams.

Which certificate (A1-A3, A2) do I need?

To comply with the current drone rules in 2022 you need an EU Drone Licence. By default, you fly in the open category. The EU Drone Certificate has two certificates: the basic certificate and the supplementary certificate. A1-A3 is the basic certificate. If you want to fly a drone, you need to obtain this certificate from 250 grams. A2 is the supplementary certificate. This certificate allows you to fly in residential areas, for example, with slightly heavier aircraft.

The main differences between the two certificates are explained below.

Basic certificate A1-A3

  • Mandatory for drones from 250 grams up to 25 kilograms
  • Up to 500 grams you can fly where allowed
  • Keep a minimum distance of 150 metres from buildings from 2 kilograms
  • Soon mandatory for C1 to C4 label drones

    Additional certificate A2

    • Optional for drones from 500 grams up to 2 kilograms
    • Keep 50 metres distance from uninvolved persons
    • It is allowed to fly over buildings
    • Soon mandatory for C2 label drones

    Want to know which certificate you need for your drone? This selection tool will help you determine which certificate you need to obtain in order to comply with drone regulations.

    How do I obtain an EU Drone Certificate? 

    Under the 2022 drone rules, you need an EU Drone Certificate before you can fly a drone. This certificate can be obtained from a government-approved drone training centre. Drone Class is recognised by the Dutch government as an official trainer (NL-RTF-505/2) UAS (2020-66581).

    Your online training works as follows:

    1. After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail with the login details for the course and the exam.
    2. Login to our online learning environment. Through short clear texts and supported pictures we explain all drone regulations of 2022.
    3. When you have studied the course material you can start the exam. The exam is taken in the same online learning environment. You can start the exam at any time and retake it unlimitedly.
    4. Did you pass the exam? You can apply for your official certificate with the RDW via us.
    5. You will receive the official EU Drone certificate by email immediately after your application. You can print this certificate or take it with you digitally on your phone or tablet. You have obtained the official certificate according to the European drone rules 2022.

    How do I register as a drone pilot?

    After you have obtained the EU Drone Certificate, you can register as a drone pilot. You will then receive an operator's number. You can register yourself as a drone pilot with your local authority. This is only possible if you live in a European country. If you do not live in a European country but would like to fly in Europe, please contact us.

    What are the no-fly zones in the Europe in 2022?

    A no-fly zone is an area around an airport, military base or other protected area where drone flying is prohibited under the 2022 drone rules. Flying in these areas can result in high fines. Therefore, before taking off, always check if there is an active no-fly zone in the area you intend to fly.

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    Sem is an experienced trainer/developer, with drones as his main interest. He holds the Dutch RPA-L license and the EASA STS theory certificate. His specialism is EU aviation law and he enjoys flying the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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