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EU Drone License A1-A3 and A2 Certificate

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    This is what you can do with the EASA A1-A3 and A2 certificate:

    • Flying your drone in as many places as possible in the EU
    • For private and/or commercial use
    • Each certificate is valid for five years

    Order the Basic certificate and the Additional certificate together in one bundle.

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    After the exam, you can apply for the certificate, within minutes of application you will receive the certificate by e-mail (PDF).

    Official EASA certificates (A1-A3 and A2)

    Target audience

    Any drone pilot who flies drones of 250 grams and over and who also wants to operate in built-up areas (max. 2 kilos) in the open category. With the EU Drone License, you can fly in the EU, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.


    In order to obtain each certificate, you will spend about six to ten hours. The duration also depends on your prior knowledge and the learning pace.


    The bundle of the basic certificate A1-A3 and the supplementary certificate A2 together costs 199 euros (incl. VAT). Of course, this includes both exams. Application costs are 20 euros per certificate and you pay this amount to us after passing the exam.


    The exams are online and you make it independently in Online Learning.

    Admission requirements

    There are no requirements in terms of prior knowledge. You also do not need to follow practical training and an exam. Our training is accessible to beginners and does not contain any superfluous knowledge.


    Each certificate is valid for five years. You can renew any certificate in five years. Your certificate is issued by the The Netherlands. The minimum age to be allowed to apply for the European drone license is 16 years in the Netherlands.

    drone A2 EU certificate of competency

    What does your drone license look like?

    Don't worry! It is an official EASA certificate.

    • 1. You will receive the certificate immediately after your application
    • 1. Valid for five years in all EU countries.
    • 2. Also in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.
    • 3. Digital PDF document.