How to take a drone with you when traveling?

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As a drone pilot, you want to take your drone with you on holiday to capture those beautiful drone images. To avoid being stopped at the airport and not being allowed to take your drone with you, we have collected a few tips.

Carry your Drone in your hand luggage

You may carry your drone in your hand luggage if it meets the maximum size and weight requirements. Many drones on the market are collapsible; the drone's arms can be folded up, making the drone much smaller. This makes transporting a drone easier. Some drones are so small that you can take them as an accessory, this saves space in your hand luggage. Each airline company has its own rules for taking hand luggage, check with your airline company before departure what rules apply. 

Carry your Drone in your check-in baggage

Does your drone not fit in your hand luggage? Then you can take your drone with you in your hold baggage. Please note that hold luggage is not always transported carefully to and from the aircraft. You should therefore pack your drone in such a way that it can withstand a bump. This can be done in a sturdy bag or case, you can also create a barrier with clothing and towels. Batteries and devices with a battery such as the remote control may not be transported in the hold baggage.

Carrying batteries on an aeroplane

If you want to take the drone's batteries and remote control with you on an aeroplane, you should take a number of precautions:

  • Discharge your batteries before your flight.
  • Transport your batteries and rechargeables in a heat-resistant bag.
  • Carry batteries and rechargeable products in your hand baggage.

For fire safety reasons, batteries and rechargeable products must always be transported in your hand baggage. Do not forget to remove the batteries from your drone and transport them in your hand baggage.

Drones in foreign countries

In some countries, it is forbidden to take drones with you. In Cuba, Turkey, Morocco and Thailand, drones are not really welcome. Check before you travel whether you can take a drone with you to your holiday destination. If you take a drone to a country where drones are not welcome, it is possible that your drone will be confiscated. If your holiday destination is within Europe, you are allowed to take your drone across the border, but be sure to check for local regulations before your drone flight.

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