Applying for your drone license

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After passing the exam you are able to apply for your EU drone license. Read this blog to learn how it works.


Because Drone Class is a designated entity by the Dutch government your application will be processed in the Netherlands. Here the RDW (Dienst Wegverkeer) has a digital portal where you can login, identify yourself and get the license. You are being guided in English.


For each certificate you pay 10 euros to the RDW and a certificate is valid for five years.

Pilot number

In addition to the license, a registered pilot number is also required. This registration is for private individuals and operators (companies). In the Netherlands registration costs are 23 euros (one-off fee) and the registration can be annually extended for 13 euros.


Only for unmanned aircraft with a weight of 20 kilos or more insurance is mandatory, however for less it's highly recommended.

If you need a recommandation: Flight Deck.

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