Flying a drone in Ireland, these are the laws. 

If you have bought or plan to buy a drone, it is wise to first familiarise yourself with the drone laws that apply in Ireland. For several years now, the same drone laws have applied across the EU. It is important to know the current drone laws in Ireland to avoid high fines. We would like to inform you about the most important drone laws in Ireland. The most important laws and regulations for flying a drone in Ireland are listed below.

For most drones, you need the EU Drone Licence. This consists of two parts: the Basic Certificate (A1-A3) and the Supplementary Certificate (A2).

  • Mandatory for drones from 250 grams
  • The drone may fly a maximum height of 120 metres
  • The drone must be flown within direct sight of the pilots
  • You must register yourself as a drone pilot
  • You have to attach an operator number to your drone

A1 - A3

Basic certificate

According to drone laws in Ireland, the basic certifcate is mandatory when flying a drone. Get the A1-A3 certificate here 

Get EU Drone License


Supplementary certificate

Drone flying in Ireland over built-up areas? Then you need the A2 certificate. Read more information about A2.

Get EU Drone License

EU drone laws

Flying in the EU

Since 2021, the same drone laws will apply across the whole EU. The EU drone certificate is valid in Ireland and in the EU. 


European agency

You need a certificate approved by the EASA. We are recognised as a flight school and a designated entity.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the basic drone laws in Ireland?

    The basic drone laws for flying in the open category in Ireland the EU and EASA member states: a maximum flight altitude of 120 metres, always flying visual line of sight and keep the drone away from no-fly zones and not-involved persons.

  • Do I need an EU Drone certificate to comply with the drone laws in Ireland?

    If you want to fly a drone over 250g in Ireland, you are required by the drone laws in Ireland to obtain an EU drone certificate. 

  • Do I need a registration number to comply with drone laws in Ireland?

    Before you fly a drone in Ireland, you need to register yourself, this also applies to drones under 250 grams with a camera. Tourists must register in the country where you will be flying first. 

Are drones allowed in Ireland?

Drones are allowed in Ireland, under the condition that the drone flight is conducted according to the laws and regulations of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 and Commission and Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947. You must adhere to the drone rules in Ireland when drone flying. 

What drone laws apply to drones in Ireland?

Listed below are the main general drone laws and regulations in Ireland.
Required documents for flying a drone in Ireland:

  • The drone pilot is in possession of a registration number
  • The drone pilot holds a certificate of completion of the theoretical exam (EU Drone Licence)

Maximum distance and height for flying a drone in Ireland:

  • In the open category, drones may be flown up to a maximum height of 120 metres
  • The drone must be flown in direct sight of the pilot, the distance between the pilot and the drone must not exceed 500 metres
  • Avoid flying near airports
  • It is allowed to fly a drone at night
  • A drone should not be flown over military areas

Which certificate (A1-A3, A2) do I need according to the drone laws in Ireland?

According to drone laws in Ireland, you need an EU Drone Certificate before flying a drone. The EU Drone Licence has two certificates: the basic certificate and the supplementary certificate. A1-A3 is the basic certificate. If you want to fly a drone in Ireland, you need to obtain this certificate from 250 grams. A2 is the supplementary certificate. This certificate allows you to fly slightly heavier aircraft in residential areas, for example.

The main differences between the two certificates are explained below.

Certificate A1-A3

  • This is the basic certificate
  • Mandatory for drones from 250 grams to 25 kilos
  • Up to 500 grams, you can fly freely where permitted
  • From 2 kilos, keep a minimum distance of 150 metres from buildings

Certificate A2

  • This is the supplementary certificate
  • Optional for drones from 500 grams to 2 kilos
  • Keep 50 metres distance from uninvolved persons
  • It is allowed to fly above buildings
  • If you want to progress to the specific category, you need both certificates. So you always start learning in the open category!