Drone Class trained 10K drone pilots

This blog is brought to you by Drone Class, your drone training provider for flying in the open and specific category.

In the past year Drone Class trained 10,000 customers in Europe for flying in the open and specific category. Drone Class is the first Dutch training company to have reached this special milestone.

Certified flight school for online drone training

Drone Class has been active in the drone industry since 2018 and is a specialized training company for drone pilots. Drone Class has been recognized as a flight school by the national aviation authority of the Netherlands. Currently, online classes and exams are provided in four different languages: German, English, Italian and Dutch. In addition to online training, Drone Class provides online theory training for the specific category. The application for the operational license is supported by AirHub, an experienced partner.

Bright future ahead

Thanks to a growing number of possibilities with drones, companies and organizations are increasingly interested in unmanned aviation. Drone Class is ready for the future and provides practical training, flying lessons and recurrent training.

Sales action

Let's celebrate our 10,000 trained drone pilots milestone! Drone Class is temporarily offering a 20% discount on training. Use the special coupon code DRONECLASS20 and order your course with exam.

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