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This blog is brought to you by Drone Class, your drone trainer for flying in the open and specific category.

In Online Learning, our digital learning environment you can study the modules of the drone license course and take exam. In this blog an overview.


There are seperate courses for the basic certificate A1-A3 and the additional certificate A2. Each course contains an introduction (onboarding), modules with practice questions, a practical test and an exam.

Here you see a short impression of our environment for Dutch customers.

We use award-winning software from iSpring Solutions to let you learn.


For the basic certificate A1-A3 there are 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The exam for the additional certificate A2 contains 30 mulitiple choice questions that need to be solved in 30 minutes. Both exams are online in our digital learning environment. A minimum score of 75% is required to pass.


Studying in Online Learning works best on a computer or laptop, but we know some customers prefer a tablet or even a smartphone. Online Learning is very responsive and looks great on every screen, however we slightly recommend a computer or laptop due to font-size limitations on smaller screens.


Make some coffee (or tea) and follow our modules at your own pace. This is remote online learning at its best: playing slides, stop whenever you want, rehearse important information and practice by answering questions at the end of a module. In a few hours you can finish a course and take exam.

Our track record

In the past three years we welcomed more than 3,000 students in Online Learning. Almost everyone succeed. We have a pass rate of 95% and a customer satisfaction score of 8,6 (out of 10). Drone Class offers courses in Dutch, German and English language.



Sem van Geffen

Co-owner Drone Class B.V.

About the author

Sem is an experienced trainer/developer, with drones as his main interest. He holds the Dutch RPA-L license and the EASA STS theory certificate. His specialism is EU aviation law and he enjoys flying the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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