10 most beautiful locations in Italy

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Italy has many beautiful drone locations with a lot of nature and interesting buildings. In the north you can photograph large mountains, dense forests and small mountain streams. In the south you find clear blue water and bobbing boats. If you want to view and photograph these places in a different way, you can use a drone. Everything looks even more beautiful from the air and your images become a lot more unique.

Where in Italy is it safe to fly a drone? We have collected ten locations where you can legally fly your drone and make beautiful drone shots. Before you can fly in Italy you need a EU Drone License. This is mandatory from 250 grams in the EU.

Drone flying in Northern Italy Dolomites

In the north of Italy you find the Dolomites, bordering Austria. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means that you are not allowed to fly anywhere with a drone. Yet there are plenty of beautiful locations where flying is allowed.  Consider it as a good excuse to discover new locations. If you want to photograph mountains, you can go to Cadini di Musurina or Passo di Gardena, for example. You can photograph beautiful mountain meadows at Alpe di Siusi and a mountain lake where you can fly the drone is Lago di sorapis.

Hot Springs in Tuscany

A well-known drone location are the hot springs in Tuscany. There are several places where the warm water comes out of the ground. Our favorite is: Terme di Saturnia because of the idyllic bathhouse and the beautiful nature. Also Bagni di San Filippo, because of the beautiful salt walls. These places are very popular and visited by many people every day. Consider everyone's privacy before flying a drone. The best times to fly are in the morning on weekdays. There is a good chance that you will encounter few or no other visitors.

Explore Sardinia with your drone

There are also many no-fly zones in Sardinia, but it is certainly possible to fly on this island. Check carefully before your flight whether there are any restrictions in the airspace. Sardinia is known for its beautiful blue water and large rocks. Cala Luna is a nice place to make drone recordings. A bay in the middle of Sardinia is surrounded by large rock walls. The water is clear blue and with a bit of luck some small boats will moor there. A unique picture that you can only make in Sardinia.

Taking drone photos over the island of Elba

The island of Elba is located off the coast of Tuscany. The island is characterized by the small cozy liquorice, high mountain peaks and blue waters. In winter time you even have a chance of snow on top of the mountain. In short, you can make various drone shots here. From snow-capped mountain peaks to a bobbing boat in clear blue water. A beautifully varied island that is definitely worth a visit with the drone. Please notice, there is an airport on the island with a no-fly zone.

Flying in Cinque Terre

You are not allowed to fly a drone in such a mega touristic place, are you? One of the five villages is located outside the no-fly zone and you can fly your drone here when you obtained the A2 certificate. This village is called Monterosso al mare, this is the largest village of the Cinque terre. The view? A cute little village with a colored house and a cozy beach with colored umbrellas.

With your drone to Positano

Positano is the romantic village built against the mountainside. Today, the village has been massively discovered by tourism. If you want to fly here, do not visit Positano in high season and get up early so that you do not disturb other people. If you manage to fly here, the images are spectacular. A stack of small houses on a mountain side bordering the sea. A unique way to capture Positano.

Flying above the White Mountains of Sicily

Flying with a drone in Sicily is beautiful of course. There are countless beautiful places. A unique drone location is Scala dei turchi. You will only find a place like this in Sicily. Large white rocks reminiscent of icebergs ending in the blue sea. This place is very popular and there is a lot of inspiration for beautiful drone photos. Years ago you could still visit these white mountains. Today the area is closed to visitors. So extra special that you still have a photo of these white mountains.

Take your drone to Capri

Capri is a small island off the Amalfi Coast. This island can only be reached by boat. Capri is mainly known for the large boulders standing up in the sea. These rocks are called Faraglioni and can be captured from above. It is quite a flight from the coast, if you really want to fly close to these rocks, take off from a boat. Keep in mind that occasionally strong gusts of wind can arise over the sea.

Green drone photos in Tuscany

Tuscany is a vast area. Here you will find a lot of hilly landscape where crops are grown. With drone photos from Tuscany you can expect photos with a lot of nature. For example, take a flight above one of the many wine racks. Or above a small old village between the green hills. Beautiful drone photos guaranteed.

Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods

The Amalfi Coast is characterized by the rocky area. A nice route through this area is Path of the Gods. It is quite a rough area to walk through. Fortunately, you can also explore this area with your drone. Enjoy the beautiful view through the camera of your drone. If you are a sporty drone pilot, walking this route is definitely worth the effort.

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