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We train you in our digital learning environment with modules and practice questions. You are about to experience this for yourself in the demo. Meteorology is a module offered in the training for the A2 additional certificate. We hope you will like our way of training!

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What training do I need?

The EU Drone License consists of two certificates. For both, Drone Class offers the training with the exam.

To selection guide
Only A2

EU Drone License A2 Certificate

Order the Additional certificate A2 only and complete your EU Drone License.


  • You already have the basic certificate A1-A3
  • Drones with C2 label
A1-A3 + A2

EU Drone License A1-A3 and A2 Certificate

Order the Basic certificate and the Additional certificate together in one bundle.


  • Drones with C2 label
  • Flying in built-up areas
  • Residential areas
  • Industry
  • Recreational areas
A1 + A3

EU Drone License A1-A3 Certificate

Order the Basic certificate A1-A3 and start getting your EU Drone License.


  • Drones from 250 g
  • Drones with C1 label or higher

Specific category

Do you already have the full EU Drone License (A1-A3 and A2) and do you want to develop further as a drone pilot? Then follow our online theory training for the specific category.

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