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Welcome to our international webshop. My name is Sem van Geffen and I am co-owner of Drone Class, a certified UAS flight school from the Netherlands.

In this shop you can order your online theory course and online exam for the specific category. This is mandatory in the European Union, if you want to fly in no-fly zones, ports or with heavy drones in residential areas.

We provide courses with exams in the English language. This is a great solution for everyone who is living nearby or coming from any place around the globe to visit Europe and fly with drones.

On behalf of the Drone Class team, have a good course and fly safely.

Three steps

Getting trained

As a designated entity in the Netherlands we are certified to train you. So you are at the right place! We have already trained over 14,000 participants with a 95% success rate, since 2018.

Step 1


Operating in the specific category means a lot more than only training for the drone pilot. We recommend to seek contact with our partner AirHub for setting up all legal documents.

The digital learning environment for the EU Drone License

Step 2

Learn and pass the exam

With 30 day access to our learning environment you have sufficient time to follow all our modules and prepare for the exam. On average, the training takes 15-20 hours.

Step 3

Download certificate

Your certificate of completion is available after having passed the online theory exam. Use this certificate as part of managing approval for your operations in the specific category.

Consultancy by AirHub

AirHub analyze your operation(s) from which emerge all requirements that must be met in the specific category. They work together with governments and internationals. An experienced and reliable partner from the Netherlands.

Our certificate of completion

Drone Class provides a certificate of completion to you as a participant. This is not the same as a license, but it's robust evidence of your training, because it's from a certified third party. This strengthens your application for approval.

  • Drone License
  • Drone License
  • Drone License
  • Drone License
  • Drone License
  • Drone License

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The training for the specific category is available in the English language.

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