For no-fly zones and advanced operations, choose this theory training course.

Operating in no-fly zones, sea ports and flying with heavy drones in built environments. That's all possible in the specific category.

Deepen your knowledge about operating in the specific category. The theory can be followed completely online and is intended to let you understand the basics of flight rules, EU legislation, permissions, STS's and more.

A certificate of completion will be issued after passing the online theory exam, which contains 40 multiple-choice questions. Use this certificate as robust proof for training the drone pilot. It does help and moreover, it is required!

  • Exam 24/7 available online
  • Unlimited free resits
  • Theory about STS/PDRA/SORA
  • Including certificate of completion
  • Excellent customer service

Theory specific category

Tax included
  • Best digital learning environment

    You will learn in an excellent online learning environment that helps and supports you.

  • 95% Success rate

    Many participants have preceded you in Drone Class in the past two years. Successfully!

  • Free reference book

    You will receive a free reference book with the drone rules to keep.

Theory specific category

Target audience

Drone pilots who will operate in controlled airspace (CTR), ports or other no-fly zones with multirotors. The drone pilot falls under a company (operator) that needs permission from the NAA to operate in the specific category.


The theory course takes up to 20 hours online. You can learn at your own pace and follow all the modules.


The online course costs 599 euros (incl. VAT). Of course, this includes exams and free unlimited resits.


The theory course is concluded with an online exam (40 multiple-choice questions).

Admission requirements

You have obtained the EU Drone License (A1-A3 and A2) or you order also this training together.


You will receive a certificate of completion for the theory course. This allows the company to show the NAA that the drone pilot has been trained for the specific category.

What do you learn in the course?

  • All about STS and PDRA
    You know the concepts, procedures and what what is used for.
  • EU legislation
    You know more about the underlying laws.
  • SORA
    An introduction to this advanced risk analysis.
  • More about UAS, charting and navigation
    Other useful modules with specific topics.
  • Insights
    Afterwards you will have a clear picture of operating in the specific category.

Suitable drones for the specific category

Any weight
  • DJI Matrice 300
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

What will you receive from us?

30 days of access

You have a total of 30 days of access to Online Learning.

Including exams

Exams are of course included in the price.


Ask questions to our drone experts online.


Download your reference book for free and to keep.


Receive a discount on your general liability insurance.

Receive benefits

Your online training will bring you many benefits. For example, after completing the training, you will receive a free reference book with the most important drone rules at a glance. Furthermore, as a Drone Class customer, you are eligible for a discount on Flight Deck's general liability drone insurance. If you are living nearby you can also come to us for attractively priced flying lessons, near Arnhem.

Order your training and take advantage of:

  • Free reference book
  • €15,- discount on liability insurance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unlimited free resits
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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Drone Class a certified flight school?

    We are recognised by the Dutch government as a flight school (NL-RTF-505/2) and designated entity UAS (2020-66581).

  • Are your course and exam valid in the EU?

    Yes, because we are certified by the Dutch aviation authority (ILT). EASA states, based on European legislation, that, in the open and specific category, certificates issued in one member state are also valid in other member states.

  • What's the value of your certificate of completion?

    Our certificate is not the same as a license. There is no pilot license in the specific category. Remember that only NAA's are allowed to issue official documents. But our certificate is still valuable, because we are a certified third party that is allowed to make a statement about the drone pilot's knowledge and skills.

  • What does your certificate of completion states?

    We state that a participant: "successfully completed the online theoretical exam, based on: the syllabus, as prescribed in Regulation (EU) 2019/947 (Article 8, paragraph 2; or equivalent approved) and (EU) 2020/639".

  • Can I preview the certificate?

    We don't send certificates for previewing. After having passed the exam you can download our well-designed certificate as a digital pdf document in our digital learning environment.

  • Can I read the syllabus?

    Please contact us by email and we will send you the syllabus.

  • When is the specific category mandatory?

    You will fly in the specific category if you cannot perform the operation in the open category and it is not too risky for the certified category. You can map out the risks using a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). It is also possible to fly under an EASA Standard Scenario (STS) or a Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA).

  • How does a company get permission from the NAA?

    There are three options for flying in the specific category. An EASA Standard Scenario (STS), a Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA) and a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). You must submit the PDRA or SORA for approval to a National Aviation Authority (NAA), where you can also declare an STS from December 2021. There are costs for the STS as well as the PDRA and SORA that you have to pay to the NAA.

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