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From 2024, some drone rules in the open and specific category will change. From then on, it will be mandatory in many cases to broadcast the operator number by Remote ID.

What is Remote-ID?

Remote-ID can be thought of as remote identification technology. As the owner of a drone, you have to register yourself as an operator with your local authorities or with the authorities of the country you want to fly in. 

Read here how to apply for the drone operator registration number.

You will receive a operator number. Whereas previously you only had to affix the operator number to the outside of the drone, from 2024 it will be mandatory to also broadcast the operator number.

While flying, the drone broadcasts data and the operator number, which can be captured by enforcement agencies using an app.

Should my drone broadcast a Remote ID?

From 2024, most drones will have to emit a Remote ID. In the specific category, broadcasting a Remote ID is mandatory for all drones, including drones without Cx-label.

In the open category, most Cx label drones must use Remote ID. The table below shows which drones in the open category must emit Remote ID.

Cx label


Remote ID 



Not required







C2, C3, C4



Drones without Remote ID obligation:

  • Drones without Cx label* and self-built in subcategory A3
  • All drones under 250 grams* in subcategory A1
  • Toy drones

* Released by the manufacturer in the EU before 1 January 2024.

How do I set up Remote ID on a drone?

Cx-label drones support Remote ID. You only have to enter the operator number in the settings. The drone automatically transmits Remote ID when you start flying.

Setup Remote ID for DJI drone

Follow these steps to set your operator number on a DJI drone:

  • Enable the remote controller
  • Navigate to the settings menu, click on the three dots at the top right of the controller screen
  • In the settings menu, go to 'Safety'
  • Scroll down to the option 'UAS Remote Identification'
  • Open 'UAS Remote Identification' and enter your operator number in the input field

The operator number must be entered in full, including the last three digits.

Do I need Remote ID in the specific category?

If you are operating in the specific category then the drone must always emit Remote ID. This is mandatory even for drones without a Cx label. However, many drones without a Cx label do not support broadcasting Remote ID. If your drone does not support this, you need to install a Remote ID addon on the drone. This external module will ensure that the operator number is broadcast.

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