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The drone map of the Netherlands shows the different areas of Dutch airspace. Before you start flying your drone, you should check which area you want to fly and whether drone flying is allowed. The different zones are shown per location on the drone map, including no-fly zones.

Avoid fines on your holiday! Let's see where you can and can't fly.

Where are you allowed to fly drone in the Netherlands?

Where you can fly your drone depends on the airspace and restrictions present. The drone map of the Netherlands shows all restrictions for each location. There are several drone maps of the Netherlands. We recommend the drone map from GoDrone. This drone map comes from Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and also indicates all temporary no-fly zones.

GoDrone has a mobile application, which can be downloaded for free. Both the app and the website can display your current location. An address can also be entered after which any restrictions on the entered address will be displayed.

GoDrone map the Netherlands

Legend drone map Netherlands

Different zones are marked on the drone map of the Netherlands. Each zone has its own meaning and rules. In some zones, it is forbidden to fly a drone and in others, warnings apply.

Non-marked areas

Unmarked areas are also known as open airspace. As a drone pilot, you are free to fly here, provided you comply with European drone rules.

No-fly zones (red zones)

No-fly zones are shown on Dutch drone maps as red areas. You will find these no-fly zones around airports and military bases. You are not allowed to fly your drone here.

Temporary no-fly zones (blue zones)

A temporary no-fly zone is shown as a blue area on the Dutch drone map. A temporary no-fly zone is an area where aerial activities are taking place, temporarily prohibiting you from drone flying here. When you click on a blue area on the drone map, a description opens. This description shows when the temporary no-fly zone is active.

Natura 2000 (green areas)

Green areas on the drone map are Natura 2000 areas. These are protected nature reserves, where animals should not be disturbed. If you do want to fly in a Natura 2000 area, you need permission from the forest ranger and the province (state) that owns the land.

Low flying areas (orange zones)

Low flying areas are shown as orange areas. You are allowed to drone in these areas if you take an observer with you. The observer's job is to monitor the area and alert the pilot when air traffic is approaching. If other aviation vehicles are spotted, the pilot must immediately initiate landing. As a drone pilot, you must give way to all other types of aviation vehicles.

Only drones from Subcategorie A1 and A2 are allowed to fly here. Keep a maximum height of 30 metres.

Warning (yellow zones)

A warning applies in yellow areas. You may come into contact with other air traffic in such zones. In yellow zones, it is recommended to take an observer with you to monitor the area and alert the pilot. When other air traffic is signalled, the drone pilot must give way.

Looking for drone maps of other European countries? Check out the blog with drone maps of Europe.

Drone pilot flying drone

Do I need an EU Drone License to fly a drone?

Want to fly a drone in the Netherlands? If so, you need an EU Drone Licence from 250 grams. If your drone weighs more than 249 grams, you are required to obtain an EU Drone Licence. The EU Drone Licence allows you to fly in open airspace. You obtain the EU Drone Licence by taking an online training course and an online exam. Once you have passed, you submit your application for the certificate via us. Once the application is complete, you will receive the EU Drone Licence by e-mail within minutes. You may fly in open airspace throughout Europe with the EU drone licence.

Why getting your EU Drone Licence at Drone Class?

Reasons to choose us as your flight school:

  • Full online training in a limited number of hours
  • Success rate of 95% (at first attempt)
  • Online exam and free resits
  • Certificate issued by the Dutch authorities (RDW) and recognised by the European agency EASA

Have questions about the drone map of the Netherlands or which certificate you need to obtain for your drone? Get in touch with us!

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