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Welcome to our international webshop. My name is Sem van Geffen and I am co-owner of Drone Class, a certified UAS flight school from the Netherlands.

In this shop you can order your online course and online exam for the EU Drone License. This license is mandatory in the European Union, if you want to fly with drones from 250 grams.

We provide courses with exams in multiple languages. This is a great solution for everyone who is living nearby or coming from any place around the globe to visit Europe and fly with drones.

On behalf of the Drone Class team, have a good course and fly safely.

Three steps

Getting the EU Drone License

As a designated entity in the Netherlands we are certified to train you. So you are at the right place! We have already trained over 14,000 participants with a 95% success rate, since 2018.

Step 1

Choose a training

The Basic certificate (A1-A3) is for self built and manufactered drones from 250 grams. The Additional certificate is for flying with manufactered drones between 500 grams and 2 kilos.

Step 2

Learn and pass the exam

With 30 day access to our learning environment you have plenty of time to follow all our modules and prepare for the exam. On average, a full training for one certificate takes 6 hours.

Step 3

Apply for certification

Your certificate (A1-A3 and/or A2) will be digitally issued by the authority in the country where you passed your online exam. In your case this is the RDW in the Netherlands.

From all over the world

The RDW enables everyone on this planet to apply for the EU Drone License.

Start right now

Get your training in French, Spanish, Portugese or Romanian as well.

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