EASA proposal: new certificates in 2022

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Panta rhei ("everything changes"). It's a message from Ancient Greece that also applies to drones. New pilot certificates will arrive in 2022.

Notice of Proposed Amendment 2021-09

Changes are introduced in proposals and well, proposals are very common in a dynamically developing industry like unmanned aviation. This year EASA released a new document with a lot of new proposals: NPA 2021-09.

The objective of a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to maintain a high level of safety for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations in the ‘open’ and ‘specific’ categories.

A NPA informs EASA member states what's likely going to change, but is under consultancy first and need to be approved, before it will be in force.

New certificates

Part of the proposal are new designed certificates for the pilot, that can be found on page 141. In Q4 EASA will decide if these certificates are going to be adopted.

Current issued certificates are still valid, of course.

For the owners

Every EASA member state has to follow up on changes that are going to be approved by the EASA. In our case the Dutch authority will inform you and re-issue certificates. In the meantime your current certificate is still valid and you can do what matters most: flying for fun or professionally. 

Sem van Geffen

Co-owner Drone Class B.V.

About the author

Sem is an experienced trainer/developer, with drones as his main interest. He holds the Dutch RPA-L license and the EASA STS theory certificate. His specialism is EU aviation law and he enjoys flying the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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