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As a professional operator you want to have an edge to your competition. Let's get started with a free E-book for you. Discover the most important drone rules for flying in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. The E-book is the first step to Drone Class' online training and exam. It provides an overview of the basic rules for flying in the open category.

The EU Drone License consists of two certificates: the Basic certificate A1-A3 and the Additional certificate A2. You first pass A1-A3. You need A2 if you want to fly in a built-up environment with a drone between 500 grams and 2 kilos.

Of course you need more than training only. AirHub provides a perfect online platform for planning, flying and logging. In addition they offer an excellent well-documented Operations Manual. This is your steady base for flying in the open category.

Do you want to know more? Let's start reading more, for free.

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Three steps

Open Category Package

As a designated entity in the Netherlands Drone Class is certified to train you. AirHub has the best online platform to let you plan, fly and log. Let's make the most out of the package.

Step 1

Platform and Manual

We recommend the AirHub Drone Operations Platform. Plan. Fly. Log. It's easy to use and compatible with DJI drones. Get familiar to the Operations Manual you can download.

The digital learning environment for the EU Drone License

Step 2

Learn and pass the exam

With 30 day access to our learning environment you have plenty of time to follow all our modules and prepare for the exam. On average, a full training for one certificate takes 6 hours.

Step 3

Apply for certification

Your certificate (A1-A3 and/or A2) will be digitally issued by the authority in the country where you passed your online exam. In your case this is the RDW in the Netherlands.

AirHub delivery

An one-year subscription for the drone platform. Now two months off the normal price! And a digital copy of the Operations Manual.

Drone Class delivery

The online training course with exams for A1-A3 and A2. The digital application for the certificates will take place in the Netherlands.

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