All-in-one solution for the professional user in the open category.

If you're flying in the open category for business purposes, it's common practice to arrange your flights professionally.

AirHub and Drone Class support you with an affordable all-in-one solution.

With the AirHub Drone Operations Platform you can check airspace and NOTAMs, plan and log your flights. They also provide you with an excellent well-documented Operations Manual for flying in the open category.

Your Open Category Package contains:

  • EU Drone License (A1-A3 and A2)
  • Exams 24/7 available online
  • Unlimited free resits
  • Application for the certificate
  • Valid license for five years
  • Valid in the EU, Switzerland
  • One-year subscription / platform
  • Operations Manual open category
  • Discount coupon liability insurance
  • Excellent customer service

Open Category Package

A1-A3 + A2
Impostos incluídos
  • Best digital learning environment

    You will learn in an excellent online learning environment that helps and supports you.

  • 95% Success rate

    Many participants have preceded you in Drone Class in the past two years. Successfully!

  • AirHub Platform

    Plan. Fly. Log. For desktop and mobile devices. Frequently updated, compatible with DJI drones.

Open Category Package

Target audience

For professional operators in the open category, flying in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. As an Open+ operator you take a stand for flying well-prepared, safely, responsibly.


Your access to online training, subcription to the AirHub Drone Operations Platform and Operations Manual are processed in max. two working days or sooner.


The Open Category Package offers a total value of 500 euros. You can buy it for only 449 euros, including VAT. This is definitely a bargain, brought to you by AirHub and Drone Class.


Each exam is online and you make it independently in Online Learning. Afterwards, you will fill in a form so that we can inform the RDW that you have passed.

Admission requirements

There are no requirements in terms of prior knowledge. You also do not need to follow practical training and an exam. Our training is accessible to beginners and does not contain any superfluous knowledge.


The EU Drone License is valid for five years and can be requested from the RDW in the Netherlands. You can renew any certificate in five years. AirHub's subscription is for one year. The Operations Manual is a download you can keep.

What do you get?

  • Excellent online training
    Drone Class is a certified UAS flight school.
  • EU Drone License (A1-A3 and A2)
    Required permission for the pilot to fly drones.
  • AirHub Drone Operations Platform
    Plan. Fly. Log. Keep it simple and secure for your flights.
  • Operations Manual
    Full docoumentation for operating in the open category.
  • Discount coupon
    For third-party liability insurance at Flight Deck.

Suitable drones for every subcategory

250 grams - 25 kilos
  • Professional drones

What will you receive from us?

30 days of access

You have a total of 30 days of access to Online Learning.

Including exams

Exams are of course included in the price.

One year subscription

For the AirHub Drone Operations Platform. Two months off the price!

Operations Manual

Get instant access to this downloadable content.


Receive a discount on your general liability insurance.

Receive benefits

First of all, you are going to receive the best online training for the open category, including exams and free resits. In addition, you will have access to an advanced online system, which enables preparing, executing and logging your flights. You will also receive an Operations Manual, detailing all aspects of operating in the open category. Finally, you can get an affordable third-party insurance that is valid for your drone(s).

Order your Open Category Package and take advantage of:

  • Free reference book
  • Best platform for your operations by AirHub
  • €15,- discount on liability insurance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unlimited free resits (A1-A3 and A2 exam)
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work?

    You purchase the Open Category Package on our webshop. Our terms and conditions apply on this purchase. After ordering you receive login details for the EU Drone License course, the Operations Manual, a discount coupon for the liability insurance and a request by email to signup for the platform. For questions about the platform you have to contact AirHub's helpdesk. For all other questions you can contact Drone Class.

  • Can I have a refund?

    Within fourteen days after your order you can get a refund for: the course (199 euros including VAT) and the annual subscription for the platform (100 euros including VAT). However, we cannot provide a refund for the Operations Manual. If you purchase, you authorize us at the time of purchase to provide the operational manual immediately prior to revocation, and agree that you waive your right to terminate the contract at that point.

  • What's the AirHub Drone Operations Platform?

    An advanced online platform, that works on desktop and devices, for planning, flying and logging. More information can be found on AirHub's website.

  • What's the Operations Manual?

    You can consider this manual as a well-documented guide that tells you step by step how to operate in the open category.

  • In which language is the package available?

    The Open Category Package is available in the English language, by default. Contact us if you need the German, Italian or Dutch translated version of the online course. Platform and manual are only available in the English language.

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