Specific category training

From now on, follow your theory training in English for the specific category. Very competitively priced and of course, Drone Class quality ensured.

Specific category

For operations with medium to higher risk, EASA has set up the specific category. This includes operations that you are not allowed to perform in the open category, like:

  • Flying in controlled airspace
  • Flying in all kinds of no-fly zones
  • Flying in port areas
  • Flying with aircraft from 25 kilos
  • Flying with non-Cx-labeled aircraft, from 2 kg in residential areas
  • BVLOS operations
  • Night flights (in the Netherlands)

Online course and online exam

Learn more about (advanced) aviation legislation, charting, navigation, the risk-analysis SORA, STS-01, STS-02 and PDRA. After passing the online exam you can download a certification of completion. For only 499 euros.

This training is based on the requirements for STS-01 (EU) 2020 639.


If you have already your EU drone license you can enroll immediately.

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